Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps are mobile web apps that run in the browser and don't need to installed. When a user opens your website, they can see the actual application interface.

Challenges at the PWA Absence

All the buttons on the website are tied to the logic of the off-the-shelf CMS, which does not imply the separation of front end and back end. Marketers want instant changes, but in fact it takes a great deal of time to update the website content.
When generating your page, SQL and CMS are used and thousands of libraries are loaded, just as "that's the way it works". You can have 3 caching levels, and the loading would be slow anyway.
The user can leave the website at any stage of interaction, simply because they're on the subway or accidentally closed the page. You don't have the tools to bring them back to the session, and you lose clients at each sales funnel stage.

Slow Loading

Conversion Problems

The Complexity of Making Changes


PWA Opportunities

rus: Возможности PWA

PWA as a Mobile App Alternative


Increased conversion rates

Works offline


In case of PWA, there is no need to develop separate applications for each operating system. It does not matter what kind of a smartphone a user has: Apple, Android-based or any other – the application functions regardless of the operating environment.
Icons of PWA websites can be easily added on the user's home screen just like native application's icon. This encourages the user to visit the resource more often, spend more time there; it also improves user experience and leads to increased conversion rates at all stages of user interaction. You can send notifications to remind about the interrupted session.
It's very convenient. The user can browse through their favorite store, add products they like in the Cart, and place an order, while riding the subway. Thanks to PWA, the website is already available on the user's phone along with the entire product catalog. Unlike other mobile applications, PWAs do not require updates and memory space available on the phone.
There is no need to spend time searching extra development team to develop a mobile application. We use the current website design for PWA, which adapts to any mobile device.

PWA Advantages

rus: Интеграция PWA Интерфейс как у приложения
rus: Интеграция PWA Front отделён от back'а
rus: Интеграция PWA Устойчив к высоким нагрузкам
rus: Интеграция PWA Быстро загружается
rus: Интеграция PWA Находится через поисковики
More than half of users begin the purchase or order process with a search. PWA implements server-side rendering for robots and outdated devices. Thanks to the excellent indicators of behavioral metrics in PWA, PWA sites are ranked first in the ratings, all other things being equal.

It can be Found by Search Engines

Use all the advantages of a mobile application on your website. Useful for every purpose, from the conveyor belt management interface and an interactive kiosk, to the front of the online store. A single stack, single bucket, quick edits and no dependence on official app stores.

The Application-Like Interface

The PWA core weighs less than a website or a native application. After the initial PWA website access, the remaining pages will be loaded in 0,1 sec. (plus the image load time). That leads to instant updates of catalog filters, stock availability, etc.

Fast Loading

Want to redesign a complex project in 2.5 weeks? Now it's real, and we're ready to show you the actual cases.

The Front and the Back are Separated

Stable receiving and processing of orders is guaranteed even during the overload periods, regardless of the capacity of your CMS/OMS systems. Stability is provided by a complex system for dispatching important events (for example, order creation).

Resistant to High Loads

Industry-Specific Solutions

The website is displayed on the home screen of the phone as a native application. Fast catalog loading. The interface adapts to mobile devices, desktops, terminals in the shopping spaces. Uninterrupted work with unstable network connection.


PWA implementation helped Lancôme increase the conversion rate by 17 %.
PWA simplifies the procurement process in the B2B sector reducing the sales department / customer service department costs. It is easier to load duplicate categories. There are no problems with deferred payment.


Fast loading of large amounts of information: articles, reviews, videos. Simple navigation through the content. User-friendly interface for mobile devices and desktop usage. Push notifications about new publications.


The PWA introduction allowed Forbes to increase the session length by 40 %!
The user engagement rate is higher than on the mobile website. A user spends more time in the PWA and views more pages.


PWA allowed Pinterest to increase user activity by 60 %.
Good choise for a taxi service, food delivery, ticket sales, travel services, logistics. Fast loading even when the Internet is slow. It is found by the search engines and doesn't have to be installed via the Play Store. The key functions of the native application are still available.


The weight of the Uber app with a PWA solution was cut down to only 50 kb, enabling the app to load even on 2G networks.

Do you want to learn more about the global experience in the PWA implementation?

Our Cases

La Nature is an online store offering the European brands of handcrafted artisan jewelry made by the best craftsmen and artists.
The website did not meet the criteria of a modern user in terms of work speed and attractiveness. The customer wanted to update the website design and make it modern and innovative.
    • Website Redesign
    • Development of an omnichannel online store on Magento 2
    • Integration with CRM and ERP
    • Implementing a PWA-front for Magento
      Together with, we have developed an ultra-fast front Vue Storefront technology for La Nature.
      0,1 sec.
      time of page loading
      From 0,74% to 1,22%
      increased convertion rate
      By 30%
      increased rate of product views per session
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