B2B Portal Development

The B2B system is a tool for the wholesales and the order processing automation, which helps give timely responses to customer feedback. A B2B system allows implementing a tailored customer service approach.
rus: Разработка B2B-порталов

The Implications of Not Having a B2B System

Data are stored in different services. Human-factor induced errors occure regularly. The continuous improvement of business processes is overly complicated.
Inspite of having a huge order processing department and a customer support team company has no way of measuring marketing and sales department efficiency.
Poor customer communication. Problems with providing a timely feedback.

Lack of KPI

Negative customer moods

Complicated systems


B2B System Composition

B2B Platform Features for Business

rus: Разработка B2B-системы. Индивидуальный подход к клиенту как бизнес-процесс

Tailored customer service approach as a business process

    • Configure catalogues, price lists, and payment parameters for individual customers or customer groups.
    • Create personalized content, taking into account the target audience needs.
    • Automate the order processing based on the client's customized settings.

      Fewer customer support managers

        • Each client can manage their company's accounts independently, configure access levels for employees with certain roles and access rights while managers can work on more significant tasks.
        • Enable clients to place quick orders: enter the SKU of a necessary product, upload CSV files, create lists based on the previous orders.
          rus: Разработка B2B-системы. Меньше менеджеров для поддержки клиентов
          rus: Разработка B2B-системы. Централизация омниканальных заказов

          Centralized omnichannel order management

            • Manage orders across all sales channels in a single system from any device.
            • Provide customers with order status updates in real time.
            • Create automated business processes (rules) that will optimize order and delivery processing and execution according to the necessary algorithm.
            • Use a progressive web application (PWA) to enjoy the convenience of a native mobile or desktop application without installing the application itself.

              Unlimited sales 24/7

                • Customers are used to doing everything on the go — optimize your B2B portal for any type of device.
                • Increase the sales volume by giving your clients the opportunity to place orders at any time — regardless of their time zone or your company's office hours.
                  rus: Разработка B2B-системы. Продажи 24/7 без ограничений
                  rus: Разработка B2B-системы. Непрерывное улучшение бизнес-процессов

                  Continuous improvement of business processes

                    • Implementation of business process management via Camunda or jBPM business process management, versioning and design systems.
                    • An end-to-end interaction of CRM (customer information), PIM (products), CMS (data provision, business logic of orders, including creation, price processing, registration rules), OMS (order processing) systems.
                    • Implementation of solutions within two months following the launch date.
                    • Business processes for collecting customer feedback on your work (NPS) and products (claims management).

                      Industry-specific solutions

                      Manufacturing companies
                      • Development of a single data flow management system: integration with WMS and LMS systems (Shiptor, Russian Post, DPD/SPSR, SDEC, Pony Express, etc.).
                      • Trunk line based routing, handling of conveyor belts and sorters for major warehouses.
                      • Management of acceptance/shipment, completeness, cargo transportation (any status) and product return.
                      • Development of the Gateway API and a queue system for systems that require multiple asynchronous integrations, control of the number of transactions for each segment.
                      • Document flow automation, order status communication (collected, sent), EDI order formation, billing, machine vision for recognition and control of large quantities of source documents.


                      • A self-service portal for your customers, with respect to the business logic of your sales department: delivery on pallets, different types of cutting, production order, inventory accounting of your warehouse and formation/approval of a production order, loyalty points for suppliers, different types of buyers (major dealers, representatives of specific dealer points, small trading businesses).
                      • Integration with your ERP system.
                      • Claims and refund management on the portal.
                      • EDI support, the opportunity to flexibly form the necessary documents for the dealer, without overloading the ERP with the business logic of dealer's features.

                      Manufacturing companies

                        • Implementation of omnichannel solutions.
                        • Building e-Commerce platforms with different use cases (B2B, B2C, shop-in-shop, marketplaces, combined).
                        • Cluster Auto Scaling
                        • Design of conversion interfaces according to the guidelines by the Baymard Institute.
                        • Front-end modernization using the PWA technology.
                        • Forming analytics for the marketing department (OWOX BI, Microsoft Power BI, BigQuery / Google Data Studio, Adobe Analytics).
                        • PIM solutions – creating a master system for the product data storage.


                            • Web portals in the DMZ, securely integrated with the bank's information system.
                            • Portals for drawing up various application types.
                            • A set of different APIs and asynchronous message queues.
                            • Mechanisms for quick connection to various services.
                            • Machine learning (regression, classification, rule search, generalization).
                            • Microservice distribution according to different security zones.


                                • Automation of the diagnostic and treatment process in a single information system.
                                • Integration with Uniform State Health Information System, Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, PACS, laboratory information systems (LIS).
                                • Simplified document management processes.
                                • Development of a telemedicine platform and mobile app.
                                • Working with different data contours to ensure different levels of access to personal data.
                                • Telemedicine service design.


                                  Our cases

                                  Development of a Logistics Management Portal in B2B Sector

                                  FM Logistic is an international logistics company that provides warehousing, cargo handling and packaging solutions and supply chain services.
                                  To develop a modern B2B portal allowing FM Logistics to offer its merchants — regardless of their scale — integration with the API instead of file sharing.
                                  Talend ESB
                                  Print validation

                                  Developing a High Load B2B Portal from Scratch

                                  LAPP Russia is the representative office of the international holding LAPP Group in Russia, a major manufacturer and supplier of cable and wire products.
                                  The client asked us to develop a B2B portal. One of the most essential tasks was to work out a simple, intuitive way of order placement.
                                  Akeneo PIM
                                  Website Redesign
                                  SAP ERP
                                  Delivery services

                                  Development of B2B Portal for Manufacturers, Dealers, Franchisors and Wholesale Companies

                                  Saint-Gobain is a French company that manufactures and sells construction materials.
                                  Develop a B2B portal for business process automation, taking into account all extra charges, discounts, penalties and features of client's documentation flow and pricing.
                                  Integration with SAP ERP
                                  Mobile application

                                  System integrations for B2B platforms

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