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«Snow Queen»
«Snow Queen» («Snezhnaya Koroleva») – is a major online fashion store, operating throughout Russia.
The tasks set to contractors by «Snow Queen» («Snezhnaya Koroleva») were not fulfilled. As a result, the next sale
(«Black Friday») showed poor results, as incoming customer orders were not processed.
  • To bring the project to Magento and to make seamless transition to Magento 2
  • To scale the server operation and to optimize the import of residuals
  • To transfer to hosting, to enable OMNI CHANNEL.
  • To connect multistock to Magento 2 and to integrate with PIM.
Optimization the import of residuals helped to increase the speed and frequency of their updates.
Scaling of the server operation to distribute the load on the site to different servers.
Connection of multistock to Magento 2 and PIM integration.
Implementation of WebP format to reduce the weight of images without loss of quality.
PIM integration with Magento 2 allowed the customer to change the products and content of the site. It has become easier to create, edit, and to publish quality product information, including marketing information, technical descriptions, photos, and many other things.
The integration with OMS and ATOL.
For online payment, the project was transferred from ChronoPay to Sberbank.Online and Alfa-Bank.
DaData connection to automatically check user input.
SPSR delivery service module integration for order tracking.
APMinvest implementation


Regular tracking of indicators with APMinvest has helped to improve the quality of the site and reduce the number of errors.
The design concept was based on simplicity and minimalism for the integrity of the perception of the picture.
There were used clear lines and monochrome, competent placement of color accents — all in the current trends in the positioning of premium products. Design and API development for a mobile application.

The «Snow Queen» is one of our most dynamic customers.
Our team copes with the development of new functionality and support in the work of all current integrations despite the task complexity and the huge amount of other purposes of our customer.

+ 39,9%
The conversion has increased
+ 67,6%
The profits have increased
The amount of purchases has increased
+ 57,8%
Increase in average check cost has increased
+ 3%
The site began to break the weekly record in terms of the number of pages' views and the orders per day just for a month due to the forehanded solutions of the vital problems

«We collaborated with another famous company before, and every correction was expensive and painful. We thought to refuse Magento at all! performed this huge amount of work. It's a great team!»
Sergey Gorbunov,
Sales Director Network «Snow Queen»
«On the basis of collaborative and effective work for several years I would like to express gratitude to colleagues from We have come a long way together, we have solved thousands of tasks, we passed through 3 «Black Fridays», we have developed and successfully launched plenty of large projects with an estimate of more than 2000 person-hours. We enjoy the teamwork and the company management. We look forward to further cooperation. We wish prosperity and professional growth to all the»
Roman Radovich,
Internet Project Manager «Snow Queen»
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