Business Digitalization with the Salesforce Platform
Salesforce is a comprehensive low-code platform for managing the company's business processes. Salesforce is a SaaS platform; all its products are easy to integrate with external systems, which allow building up business functionality as the business matures.
rus: Цифровизация бизнеса с помощью платформы Salesforce

Low-code подход в разработке IT-проекта


rus: Salesforce Работа с данными

Data Handling

Every successful company has to collect and provide access to vast amounts of information. Salesforce gives developers the opportunity to use the necessary frameworks in development, embed them in a ready-made builder and provide for the app integration with any data format.

Cloud Architecture

Application development is not limited to the interface development: you need to implement multiple integrations with authentication, security, API services, and ensure the possibility of adding various microservices to the project (for example, push notifications). As a low-code solution, Salesforce allows a business analyst to collect and (or) add the necessary functionality in the format of simple components independently without involving developers.
rus: Salesforce Облачная архитектура
rus: Salesforce Кросс-платформенность


The Salesforce platform works as a universal development environment, helping businesses to be competitive irrespective of the user preferences in electronic devices laptops, tablets, smartphones. Salesforce allows creating applications for any type of device and architecture.

Drag and Drop Interface

A major benefit of the Salesforce is that even a small team of two managers (business analysts) and two developers can use it to create a high-quality application. The intuitive drag and drop interface allows business analysts to improve the functionality and business logic of an already launched project just using a pointer and without involving the development team in an endless cycle of minor edits.
rus: Salesforce Интерфейс drag and drop
rus: Salesforce Гибкость и масштабируемость решения

Flexible and Scalable Solution

It often happens that it is necessary to expand the development environment when working on a project. Salesforce supports all existing programming languages: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. The structure of the application developed on Salesforce is quite flexible and can both scale up and down based on the transaction volume coming from the users. In addition, Salesforce includes built-in services for testing, analytics, and deploying the applications.


The low-code concept allows the IT team to focus on innovation and complex tasks providing step-by-step work descriptions and pass the project over to a business analyst for the post-release improvement of all important features. This allows you to quickly launch the project and make necessary changes to the functionality, using the user experience data.
Salesforce is a low-code platform with a ready-made builder to develop new apps. Salesforce can save you hours of development: developers will simply customize the builder for your business processes and perform an initial value check, and further improvements to the functionality can be implemented by a business analyst, which will significantly reduce the time of development.
As an example of low-code approach to development, Salesforce helps bridge the gap between the existing skills and the latest technological achievements. Salesforce supports all the basic cloud services for working with new technologies, which allows developers to stay up to date and keep up with the trends in the IT sphere.

Accelerates development process

Speeds up the project launch

Helps keep up with the times





Клиентский сервис





Искусственный интеллект

Sales Cloud is a service for managing user accounts and contacts and tracking information at each stage of customer interactions.
Marketing Cloud is a marketing platform that allows getting complete information about your target audience, personalize ads, and interact with the target audience.
Commerce Cloud is a platform for managing order statuses in both B2B and B2C sectors. It allows getting orders from mobile devices without unnecessary integrations at the same time providing the same functionality as in the desktop version.
Customer Service
Service Cloud is a service for multi-channel interaction with clients. Provides access to articles, step-by-step instructions, and individual support.
Tableau is a service that collects data from various sources and converts it into analytical graphs, tables, and histograms. It guarantees the ease of configuration to best suit your business performance.
MuleSoft is an ESB platform that allows you to create system integrations for projects with minimal development costs.
myTrailhead is a training platform for employees, customers, and partners. It allows you to create learning courses according to a specific structure or using the ready-made templates, and provides the opportunity to observe students' progress.
Salesforce Anywhere is a platform enabling the cooperative work of remote employees from any location with any type of device.
Artificial intelligence
Salesforce Einstein is an AI service that analyzes the customer interactions with company's products and makes personalized offers for each client.


Perfumery and cosmetics
Food industry
PUMA is a German manufacturer of sportswear and footwear.

Using the Salesforce low-code platform capabilities, PUMA has developed a showcase builder for its online store. Now, when launching new products or during sales and promotions, PUMA can make changes on the website at any time, based on the device traffic and customer behavior analysis.


Sephora is a leading chain of perfume and cosmetics retail and online stores owned by LVMH Holding.

Salesforce platform allowed to build a powerful technology stack with integrations that helped coordinate the work of online and offline stores. In addition, using the information about customer actions, the Marketing Cloud service helped personalize interactions with customers, use social networks to attract new clients, and optimize the advertising budget towards profitability.

Perfumery and cosmetics

Coca-Cola Deutschland is the German affiliate of the American manufacturer of the eponymous world-famous soft drink.

Due to the low-code concept of Salesforce, several user apps have been developed on the basis of the platform to help avoid downtime in contact center and repair shop's work. The productivity of company's service departments increased by 30%. Also, the results of marketing research carried out at points of sale have been digitized, making it easier to adjust work and improve its efficiency.

Food industry

We speak about low-code concept on our YouTube channel.


The manager's task is to develop the client's project by improving its metrics. Therefore, we pay close attention not only to the recruitment process (more than 100 interviews per vacancy), but also to the constant improvement of our current team.
We support processes that allow analyzing all the required metrics and provide simple communication with us for big Russian and international businesses.
Deep expertise and a wide range of technologies applied to enable project implementation on any stack and the use of a low-code system or a ready-made solution.

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