Development of country's first turnkey Magento 2 + Elastic B2B-website

August 2016
Norgau is a Russian company that develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality tools and equipment under its own brand NORGAU.



A huge number of details when developing an online store in the B2B sector with more than 600 thousand SKUs – complex documentation management, individualized pricing and the development of an extensive shopping cart.
Due to the project complexity, most contractors refused to undertake it.


  • Creating an online store on Magento 2
  • B2B portal Development
  • Akeneo PIM Implementation
  • Creating a uniform website design
Norgau became the country's first online store developed on Magento 2 and deployed in August 2016 – less than a year after the release of Magento 2.0 (December 2015).

Development of an online store on Magento 2

Akeneo PIM Integration

Despite the complexity of the documentation flow management, the Akeneo PIM integration with Magento 2 allowed the client:
  • to change the product range on the website
  • to write, edit and publish information about products
  • to edit marketing information

B2B-portal Development

  • Connecting Elastic B2B
  • Integration with Navision
  • Warehouse management b/w WMS
  • Integration with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
  • Implementing a shopping cart for 5 thousand products
The portal features comprehensive documentation management functionality for legal entities: bills, invoices, delivery notes.


The key is the way the information is presented. Visually structured content and graphic accents help direct a user's attention.


Information about additional services and equipment is hidden by default.
However, it's made available to the user in one click.


You can access the most popular website sections for detailed information and advice from the page footer at any time.

Working on a
uniform design


"Norgau Russland LLC," has developed the country's first B2B on Magento 2. The overall amount of technical and design works performed is substantial. The quality is at a high level!»
Alexey Dubovsky,
IT Director at Norgau
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