Complex Python Development for Automated Recognition and Processing of Paper Documents

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Machine learning
Computer vision
Vector analysis
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One of clients is a major logistics company that processes thousands of shipments a day. This is a complex business process that involves working with multipage packages of paper documents, their digitization and sending to several information systems used at the company.

Our task was to develop a solution that would automate the processing of paper documentation and would be integrated into all the client's business processes in order to reduce manual effort in documentation management.


We decided to develop a system for automated verification of documentation packages in Python with an opportunity to implement machine learning and computer vision technologies.
Our client even had a separate department (about 50 employees) that was processing document packages manually.

The main task was to automate processes and simplify the human efforts of paper and digitized documents processing by more than a half.

As part of the project, we developed an intelligent iCdocs system for the automated verification and sorting of document packages developed in Python.
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What iCdocs takes into account

iCdocs capabilities

The operator uploads the documentation package into the scanning device. iCdocs launches the scan cycle.

Digitization of paper documents

Converts scanned images into text, defines the type of a document and the number of pages.

Converting images into text

The operator has the opportunity to assess the correctness of data recognition in the document and mark the fields that are not correctly processed.

Document verification

Recognizes the legal entity's name, order or shipment numbers. Receives information about counterparties, transactions, and deliveries from accounting programs. Checks the presence of page numbering and the total number of pages in the document, combines all the pages of the document. Combines documents with a single attribute (invoice number, trip number, counterparty) into one package.

Preparation of a documentation package

If necessary, iCdocs is integrable with any document management system used in the company. It is also capable of sending documentation packages to both Russian and international accounting programs and repositories.

Sending to external programs

iCdocs backup copies of documents that it has processed previously, providing an opportunity to track the history of changes and see who made them.

Document storage

Development Results

The automated document package verification system can process several document packages simultaneously. At the start of development, we managed to achieve the 80% recognition rate.

We keep working on the project and we plan to improve the recognition algorithms to be as close to 100% result as possible.
Интеграция с PIM-системой

iCdocs is useful for those who have

Lots of paper documents
Lots of orders daily
Several legal entities
Several contracts
Many suppliers
Both electronic and paper document management are applied when working with different contractors. We need to bring everything into a single system to facilitate the management process.
Lots of paper documents
Each order comes with a package of certain documents. It is necessary to promptly assess their correctness, sort them out, and hand off for further work.
Lots of orders daily
You have signed several contracts with partners for different legal entities, and you need to check the completeness of the packages for each contract separately and make sure each document is filled in correctly (the legal entity, seal, signature correspond to the contract requirements).
Several legal entities
Several contracts have been concluded with each of the partners, and the terms of cooperation are different (different deliverers, different methods or approaches to payment, etc.).
Several contracts
You work with hundreds or even thousands of contractors. For each contractor, you need to check a large package of documents.
Many suppliers

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iCdocs is developed in Python

Интеграция с PIM-системой
The projects developed in Python provide the benefits of implementing machine learning and computer vision.

Python is a universal, object-oriented programming language.


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