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Akeneo PIM Custom Modules Development for a Delivery Service

October — December 2019


A popular food and household goods delivery service operating in Moscow and the Moscow region.


The standard Akeneo PIM system functionality was not sufficient for client's business. The customer wanted to reduce managers' workload. The problem was solved by setting up the automatic generation of unique product IDs and adding custom fields to the settings.


Development of:
  • Assigning Attributes to Categories module;
  • Automatic Generation of Unique IDs module;
  • Composite Attributes module.

Assigning Attributes to Categories module

By default, the Akeneo PIM system allows assigning attributes to products only (for example, size or color). The client wanted to expand the categories and assign top-level attributes to them in order to simplify the management of product groups.

We have developed a module for assigning attributes to categories. Now it is possible to upload images, write down descriptions, and use other custom fields in the Akeneo PIM system.

Automatic Generation of Unique IDs module

By default, the product ID in a standard Akeneo PIM system is assigned manually. The client wanted to simplify this feature because of an intense flow of goods.

Our developers created a module for the automatic generation of unique IDs. Now, the Akeneo PIM system automatically assigns a unique ID to all new products.

Composite Attributes module

Another custom Akeneo PIM solution the client wanted to implement was to develop a module for composite attributes (i.e., attributes that can have attributes of their own). Now, as client's managers create an attribute, they will be able to specify in the template which attributes are mandatory for this category. It helps facilitate the bot messages generation, product cards generation, etc.



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