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Akeneo PIM Implementation

Akeneo PIM is a master system that allows storing all information in a single database, as well as centralizing and managing marketing and technical information.
en: Akeneo PIM Implementation
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en: Akeneo PIM Data import and export

Data Import and Export

With Akeneo, you can import raw product data from Excel and CSV files, connect to source systems and centralize your product data. Export data on-demand through the PIM interface or using your API.

Standardize and Structure

Structure product information any way you want. Define your catalogue structure using categories, families, attributes, and more.
en: Akeneo PIM Standardize and structure
en: Akeneo PIM Simple form for product data entries

Simple Form for Product Data Entries

Akeneo helps you control all product information. Add content, assign images and multimedia files, and create product descriptions.

Mass Edit

Akeneo PIM allows making product changes in bulk. This helps increase work efficiency and productivity as well as reduce the manual effort.
en: Akeneo PIM Mass edit
en: Akeneo PIM Advanced rights management

Advanced Rights Management

Govern your product enrichment process by ensuring managers' exclusive access to products and field values they are responsible for.

Rules for Data Update

Use the rules for automated data updates. This helps avoid errors that might occur during the manual input of product information.
en: Akeneo PIM Rules for Data Update
en: Akeneo PIM Track catalogue completeness and the quality of your data

Track Catalogue Completeness and the Quality of your Data

Track the completeness, the quality, and the consistency of product data in both internal and external distribution channels. Use Akeneo dashboards to focus your work on what needs most improvements. Thus, the data will not be published until it is fit for the publication.

Versioning and Publication Management

You can restore products to a previous version in a single click or maintain multiple product versions to better stage particular catalogues.
en: Akeneo PIM Versioning and publication management


The system stores marketing information about a product and its variations, taking into account the rules for external publications, including positioning and target audience segmentation rules.

PXM system manages customer's product experience using available information about the customer's performance experience. Thus, being aware of customers' preferences, PXM system stores the exact data a customer is looking for in a product. For example, the same car can be advertised as "comfy and safe" to families, or as "hi-tech and comfortable" to businessmen.

PXM System (product experience management system)


Akeneo Onboarder

Onboarder helps retailers and distributors accelerate and facilitate the process of getting product updates from suppliers. Onboarder takes product information and adds it to your PIM catalogue structure, thus speeding up the registration of product data supplied and eliminating the need to change data format or convert input data.


Franklin is Akeneo's product data intelligence platform based on AI and ML. It is a ready-made library of technical descriptions with more than 50 million products. You can map Franklin product data to Akeneo PIM with the Franklin Insights feature, or use it in any other application due to the Franklin API.


Integration of Akeneo PIM into the infrastructure of the LAPP Group B2B portal

LAPP Russia is the representative office of the international holding LAPP Group. LAPP is a major manufacturer and supplier of cable and wire products in Russia.
The customer wanted to improve the process of product data management on their B2B portal. Although SAP integration with EPIM had been configured earlier, the access to the holding's shared storage with product information was restricted. We came up with a solution that allowed integrating Akeneo PIM, SAP, and the B2B portal, based on partial data upload, not affecting the restricted part of the storage.
Integration of Akeneo PIM into the infrastructure of the LAPP Group B2B portal

Developing Akeneo PIM custom modules for a delivery service

A popular food and household goods delivery service operating in Moscow and in the Moscow region
Standard Akeneo PIM functionality was not sufficient for client's business. The customer wanted to reduce managers' workload. The problem was solved by setting up the automatic generation of unique product IDs and adding custom fields to the settings.

Akeneo PIM Integration into the infrastructure of The Store e-commerce site

The Store is an American company that performs technical restoration and the subsequent selling of certified electronics.
The client wanted to set up a marketplace: a global multilingual trading platform supporting millions of items, hundreds of attributes, and lots of product characteristics. Also, there had to be the opportunity of product uploads from different sources to organize work with suppliers.


Community edition
Enterprise edition
Not provided
Not provided
Not provided
Not provided
Not provided
Not provided
Data Quality Insights
By consistency
By consistency, by reliability
PXM (Franklin, Onboarder)
Not provided
Provided (cloud service)
Yes, with extended rights
Not provided
OSL 3.0
~ 40 000 € per year
Video tutorials for Akeneo Enterprise users


Advanced rights management

Validation Workflow

Versioning and publication management

Rules Engine

Asset Manager

Teamwork Assistant

Reference entities



The manager's task is to develop the client's project by improving its metrics. Therefore, we pay close attention not only to the recruitment process (more than 100 interviews per vacancy), but also to the constant improvement of our current team.
We support processes that allow analyzing all the required metrics and provide simple communication with us for big Russian and international businesses.
Deep expertise and a wide range of technologies applied to enable project implementation on any stack and the use of a low-code system or a ready-made solution.

Process approach

Focus on business goals

Solutions instead of technologies

Each project is evaluated separately.
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