Talend ESB Service Bus Integration into the Project IT-Architecture


A major retailer, one of the leading Russia's suppliers of medicinal products and medical devices.
The client was aiming at the retail segment, which required a large number of integrations. The existing servers were insufficient for the increasing load, and it was necessary to optimize the website and increase its fault tolerance.
To remove extra load from the site and simplify integration, we decided to implement the ESB service bus. At the development start, we were choosing between the two platforms — Talend ESB and Red Hat Fuse. In accordance with the client's requirements and objectives, our final solution was the Talend. With the help of Talend ESB, we managed to reduce the time for Pimcore and marketplaces integration with the website, 1C and the medications directory.

Also, to expand the functionality and control the Talend ESB operation, we installed:
  • Apache Kafka Message Broker;
  • Checkmk monitoring system;
  • ELK logging system.
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