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Development of an Online Store in 4 Months

July — October 2018


Noravto is an international fast car service center and auto parts and car accessories retailer.


Our task was to develop an online store providing for the online payment and delivery service. Due to the pronounced seasonality of sales, the time for development was quite limited.


    • Website improvements on Magento 2.
    • Enabling online payment.
    • Integration with delivery services.
    • Adaptive design of user account, shopping cart and mobile checkout.

      Online Store Development on Magento 2

      An e-commerce store with an optimized display of stock balances, integrated online payment and delivery service, a mobile checkout, a shopping cart and a user account.

      Delivery and Payment

      Online order payment passes through the PAO Sberbank payment gateway.
      DaData is enabled to automatically check the user data entered. Integrated Grastin delivery service module for order tracking is integrated.

      Creating a
      uniform design

      The design concept was based on simplicity and minimalism; the company's corporate colors were used together with some highlighting accents to attract users' attention.
      The mobile version reproduces all the functionality of the desktop version. The website has a user-friendly design without the need to develop a mobile application.

      Mobile version


      a 40%
      decrease in the bounce rate
      a 15%
      increase in the average scroll depth
      a 26%
      increase in the average session duration

      Client's feedback

      "I believe that our work with kt-team was truly fruitful and successful. We have come a long way and managed to achieve all the projected goals. For us, it was especially important that the team was fully involved in the project! That was not just a blind execution of tasks - thanks to the effective communication, we managed to find the best solutions together."
      Elena Morozova,
      Brand Manager at Noravto Rus
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